Workshop Tutorial

Workshop Tutorial (WT) is a series of tutorial sessions designed to help students with their writing in Workshop in Composition (WC). It is a two-credit course offered under the course number ENGCMP 0151, and it is available only to students who are registered for either ENGCMP 0150 Workshop in Composition or ENGCMP 0152 Workshop in Composition: English as a Second Language.

If you are registered for WT, it is important that you stop by the Writing Center during the first week of classes in order to make your appointments for the rest of the term.

WT is taught by faculty consultants in the Writing Center. You will meet with your assigned faculty consultant once a week for an hour at the Writing Center. You and your consultant will discuss the specific reading and writing assignments of your Workshop in Composition section, so it is important to bring your WC materials with you every time you come to the Writing Center.   Most of what goes on in the session will be determined by your specific needs.

Your consultant will stay in touch with your WC teacher throughout the term to determine how your WT sessions can most effectively support your work in Workshop in Composition.

WT is taken concurrently with Workshop in Composition (this means that you have to be registered for WC the same term you take WT). The grading for WT is satisfactory/no credit (S/NC).

If you want more time at the Writing Center, you are welcome to make an additional appointment at any time.


  1. ATTENDANCE.   Regular attendance is essential, and being prepared to work on your writing is crucial. Any absence is detrimental to your progress. If you must be absent, you are responsible for cancelling your appointment ahead of time and for scheduling a makeup session in the Writing Center with your consultant. Students who don’t show up for appointments will lose their standing WT appointment and their ability to make appointments. After that, they will have to drop in to see if a consultant is available.
  2. FOLDER.   You will also need to bring your Workshop in Composition essays and handouts to every one of your sessions at the Writing Center.  Please get a folder for this; it can be your Workshop in Composition folder.
  3. COPIES.  When you turn in an assignment to your Workshop in Composition teacher, you must give a copy to your WT consultant. When you get your writing back from your Workshop in Composition teacher with comments, you should share those comments with your WT consultant as well. The essays you write for Workshop in Composition will be the focus of your work in the Writing Center. 


Grade for WT

Because WT is designed to support your work in Workshop in Composition, your grade in WT is linked to how you do in Workshop in Composition. If you need to take Workshop in Composition again, you will also need to re-take WT. In this situation, you will be given a No Credit grade for the WT. If you pass WC and attended WT regularly and participated actively, you will receive a Satisfactory grade in WT.    Your consultant will let you know how you are doing at midterms and will leat you know the final session if you have passed.    Our consultants are friendly and supportive; you should feel comfortable asking about your performance at any time during the semester.   


Special Needs


The Writing Center is committed to making our learning space as comfortable and productive as possible for students of all identities and abilities.   If you have a disability that requires extra support, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources and Services, 140 William Pitt Union at 412-648-7890 or at as early as possible for assistance in achieving your goals.   You are encouraged but not required to share your challenges and preferred learning styles with your consultant here at the Writing Center.   We look forward to working with you.