Student Comments

“The consultant was incredibly helpful and I left feeling very optimistic about my paper. When I was stuck at a couple transitions she was able to suggest a tweak in order to fit what I was feeling but not able to say. Really just great.”

“I feel a lot better about the direction of my paper.”

“The consultant guided me in the right path on how I should approach my writing in the future. He didn't just spoon feed me corrections.”

“The tutor helped me understand how to use narrative structure in my paper more effectively. It changed my thinking process on writing and I will apply this to my paper.”

“The new eyes provided new critiques for my paper and allowed me to fully explain the key points for my final copy.”

“I am very thankful for having such center at Pitt. It is really helpful for me and I really appreciate it.”

“The consultant was very personal and easy to talk to. He helped me strengthen my ideas and correct grammar errors.”

“I discussed my weaknesses as a writer with the tutor and she helped to directly address them. I feel more confident about my paper now.”

“I can fully say all my goals were accomplished beyond my expectations. The instructor was very thorough and clear in guidance.”

“I got plenty of guidance in the areas I struggled with (structure and format).”

“The consultant made very useful suggestions that enabled me to complete a draft of my piece. She had the expertise I was lacking and was able to provide appropriate advice.”

“I wanted to flesh out my ideas for a paper and she was excellent to talk to.”

“My tutor really picked my brain to help us both understand my thinking behind my work. Doing so made it much easier to revise my paper.”

“Speaking with the consultant helped me see my paper from a different view and figure out how to make my essay more effective.”

“The consultant was very helpful and helped me with my MLA formatting as well as punctuation. It was great to have the perspective of someone that is not in the health field critique a health based research paper.”

“The tutor helped me focus on analyzing instead of summarizing which was my biggest issue.”

“I came here without any idea on how to begin my paper and now I feel like I know where to start and how to structure my writing.”

“I definitely gained a better understanding of grammar and sentence structure. And learned how to proofread by myself more effectively.”

“I didn't know what to expect going in, but it turned out to be very effective and informative. Speaking to someone who has so much writing expertise is an amazing experience. Very helpful. The environment is very homey and welcoming. The open windows and friendliness of the staff allow good ideas to come to mind.”

"This is exactly what I wanted: direct and highly professional attention to my writing that respects my autonomy."