Graduate Services

The Writing Center is an academic center supported by the Department of English and the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences for students to come to work on their writing. Students must be enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh in order to register for an appointment. Our faculty and undergraduate peer tutors have been trained to help others with their writing.

We offer one-on-one tutoring for graduate students, as well as five-day Dissertation Camps, one-day Dissertation Workshops, and Writing Days.

When the Writing Center Is Closed

The Writing Center is always closed during the following times of the year: Fall Break; finals week; between terms; Spring break; July 4th; Thanksgiving week.

Making an Appointment

You can make an appointment by visiting our online scheduler and selecting either the OSC or Hillman schedule for the current term. Appointments are 25 minutes long, starting on the half hour. Students may make two appointments per week. Using multiple identities to book additional time is a violation of academic integrity.

You can also drop in during our operating hours at OSC or Hillman. If a consultant is available, you’ll be seen right away. Appointments are 25 minutes long, starting on the half-hour. You may not have more than one appointment a day, whether you book it in advance or drop in.

How to Prepare for a Tutorial Session

The best preparation is to consider what you want to get out of your time at the Writing Center. You may have a long document, such as a chapter, that we will not be able to go over line by line. Since we will have limited time together, what are your priorities? Read over your document thoughtfully. What questions do you have?

Proofread your writing so that the consultant knows that any errors that are left are those that you might need to talk about in the session.

If your project is more than four or five pages, please identify the pages you want to focus on in this session. You can mark these sections in the margins, for example.

No-Show Policy/Cancelling Appointments through WCOnline

Students who miss three appointments in a single term without cancelling will be unable to schedule Writing Center sessions for the remainder of that term.

Our online scheduler allows students to cancel their own appointments online up to 10 minutes prior to a scheduled session.