About the Writing Center

The Writing Center provides a place for all University of Pittsburgh students to come to work on their writing. The Center is staffed by experienced consultants who have been trained to help others with their writing. We can help you with conventional or digital projects. The services are free to all University of Pittsburgh affiliates.

We are part of the University of Pittsburgh's Composition program.

The Writing Center staff does its work in several different ways:

  • We work with writers one-on-one.
  • We run the Writers' Café, a regular workshop and writing exercise gathering for Pitt undergrads who are interested in creative writing. Please visit our Writers' Café page to learn more about what the Café offers.
  • We support a peer tutoring program that allows Pitt undergraduate students to learn about writing and teaching and provides them the opportunity to tutor students who come to the Center. For additional information about the program, visit our peer tutoring program page.
  • We offer International Café monthly during fall and spring terms. International students are welcome to join us for conversation, a discussion of a particular aspect of English or writing, and refreshments.
  • We teach Composition Tutorial, a one-credit course. Students in Composition Tutorial are also registered for Seminar in Composition, and they have a one-on-one session with a consultant every week.
  • We teach Workshop Tutorial, a two-credit course attached to Workshop in Composition and Workshop in Composition: ESL. WT students meet with their consultant every week.
  • In addition to one-on-one tutoring for graduate students, we support five-day Project Camps, one-day Project Workshops, and Writing Days in collaboration with the Writing Institute.

We don't proofread documents for students. To better understand why, read about our teaching mission.

Please be sure to bring your laptop/tablet or a hard copy of your project to your sessions.