Welcome to Fall Semester 2021!

We are offering in-person tutoring in our physical space on the third floor of the O'Hara Student Center and online tutoring through WCOnline.  Please go to "Schedule an Appointment" at the top right-hand corner of this page to register, and to select an appointment time and session type. If you need help registering in the system, please contact us at 412-624-6556.

In-person tutoring will be available at these times:

  • Monday: 9-7
  • Tuesday: 9-7
  • Wednesday: 11-7
  • Thursday: 9-6
  • Friday: 9-3

Online Tutoring is available:

  • Monday:  9-7:30
  • Tuesday: 9-6
  • Wednesday: 11-6
  • Thursday: 9-7
  • Friday: 9-3  

Read more about how online tutoring sessions work at our guidelines for online tutoring page.

Please Note: The Writing Center is not open during finals week; we close on the last day of undergraduate classes.

We are here for you in every step of your writing process!