The University of Pittsburgh Writing Center is a lively community of people who care about writing. It is a good place to work. We have faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate consultants working here. This page will help you determine whether you are eligible to become a member of our team.

Faculty Consultants

Our faculty consultants are hired as part of the University of Pittsburgh Composition Program. We have one or two openings a year for new faculty (typically for fall term, but sometimes in spring term). We usually hire in late spring or early summer for the coming academic year. Candidates must have at least a master's degree in a relevant area (usually English, Linguistics, Composition, or Writing) and experience that will be helpful to students in a tutorial setting.

Those who are hired as part-time faculty members work ten hours a week (Monday through Friday). We try to accommodate your schedule, though we do ask that you offer us 20 hours from which to choose your ten. As part of your contract, you must attend staff meetings (Wednesdays 9:30 to 10:50).  We have one or two staff meetings a month in fall and spring terms. When we hire someone for fall term, we typically re-hire him or her for spring term unless there has been a problem with the faculty member's performance as a consultant. Faculty consultants do not work at the Writing Center during the summer.

If you are interested, look for an ad on the Pitt Human Resources website during summer term.

Graduate Students

Only funded graduate students who are pursuing degrees in the English Department can work in our Writing Center. If you are a graduate student in English and you want to work here, list the Writing Center as a top choice on your course preference sheet, and touch base with the director of Composition to ensure that your wishes are known. You can be assigned here any term, but we are staffed with graduate students only in the summer 12-week term. Ten hours of contact time in the Writing Center plus any meetings we have equals one class for the purposes of your contract. Scheduling is flexible, but when you set your schedule, you will tutor at the same time every week. In the summer, we are only open for students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


We only hire undergraduates who have gone through our training program. You can belong to any major or school at the University of Pittsburgh, as long as you earned at least a B in your first-year composition course. Please see our peer tutoring program page for more information.