Welcome to Fall Semester 2021!

We are offering in-person tutoring in our physical space on the third floor of the O'Hara Student Center and online tutoring through WCOnline.  Please go to "Schedule an Appointment" at the top right-hand corner of this page to register, and to select an appointment time and session type. If you need help registering in the system, please contact us at 412-624-6556.

In-person tutoring will be available at these times:

  • Monday: 9-7
  • Tuesday: 9-7
  • Wednesday: 11-7
  • Thursday: 9-6
  • Friday: 9-3

Online Tutoring is available:

  • Monday:  9-7:30
  • Tuesday: 9-6
  • Wednesday: 11-6
  • Thursday: 9-7
  • Friday: 9-3  

Read more about how online tutoring sessions work at our guidelines for online tutoring page.

Please Note: The Writing Center is not open during finals week; we close on the last day of undergraduate classes.

We are here for you in every step of your writing process!

Writing Center Services

Graduate Services

Our consultants help graduate students in all disciplines become more productive and effective writers. The Center also conducts a Dissertation Camp, Writing Days, and Writing Accountability Groups for writers of dissertations. Read More>

Undergraduate Services

We help Pitt students become stronger, more independent writers. We offer expert one-on-one consultation for undergraduates on any writing project. Read More>