Setting Up an iPad

In order to enhance our faculty tutors' ability to work with writers who are using technology to produce and present writing, we are loaning faculty tutors mini iPads upon request. You may keep the iPad as long as you are teaching in the Writing Center. If you stop working at the Writing Center, we will take the iPad back and restore the factory settings.

Please note that Pitt does not insure iPads and computers; if your iPad is broken or stolen, the replacement will have to come from your own insurance.

Setting Up the iPad

You need your Apple username and password. If you are a PC user and have iTunes, this would be your iTunes username and password.

If you are an Apple user, your Apple i.d. is used across Apple platforms and products.

If you don’t have an Apple username and password, you will need to get one. If you plan to back up your iPad to a computer, you can set up your iTunes account there and then use the username and password when you start the set up process on the iPad. If you are not connecting your iPad to a computer, the iPad will lead you through setting up an Apple account. Either way, the set up will ask you for credit card information. This is so that you can make app and music purchases on the iPad. If you don't buy anything, you will not be charged.

Go through the iPad set up process. This will allow you to choose your passcode and so on.

To Add the Notability App

When you are set up, open the App Store, go to the bottom of the page, and click the Redeem button.  Enter the Notability code that Sandy gave you. This will download Notability to your iPad. Here is a video on using Notability.

Download Other Apps

You can download Apple's Pages app for free. Also Photos, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

You are welcome to buy other apps that are of interest to you, but we can't reimburse you for them.