Meetings and Announcements

When we have professional development events, they are on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11. All events are mandatory for everyone tutoring at the Writing Center, and we take attendance. If you have a reason for missing, be sure to talk to Geeta.

There are also monthly meetings for peer tutors and interns. These are announced via email.

Every term we have a meeting for faculty tutors only at 1:00 on the Monday after undergraduate day classes end.


Professional Development Events for Fall 2017

August 30, 9:30: New Consultants Only

Sept. 6, 9:30: meeting for all faculty and peer tutors

Sept. 13, 10 a.m.: meeting for all peer tutors

Oct. 18, 9:30: meeting for all faculty and peer tutors  Be ready to talk about In Other Words

Nov. 15, 9:30: meeting for all faculty and peer tutors

Monday, Dec. 11 at 1:00: final faculty meeting for this term

Spring 2018

For our January meeting, please read this essay by the keynote speaker at the recent IWCA conference, Neisha-Anne Green:



Writing Center Consultant Handbook [pdf]

A Guide for Peer Interns and Mentors [pdf]

Peer Tutor Contract [pdf]